Steven Lyons Memorial

Charity Event

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Steve Lyons, internationally acclaimed expressionist artist and recipient of multiple awards lost his valiant battle with brain cancer, on March 21, 2021. Steve, who was born and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio, always attributed much of his drive and success, to the impoverished environment of his childhood.  


Steven's Hope Fund, is a charity that was very dear to Steve, and one that he supported. He believed strongly in its mission, to provide meals for food insecure children in the Portsmouth area. He felt a deep responsibility to share his success, by assisting impoverished children in his hometown, never forgetting the uncertainty that accompanies food insecurity, from his own youth.  


Some time before the onset of his cancer diagnosis,  life-long friend, Elizabeth M. Lykins (also from Portsmouth), collaborated with Steve to create an inspirational art book, entitled Reflections on Transcendence. The book provides a welcoming space for the reader, to promote introspection and reflection. The book contains 60 masterful, thought-provoking images of paintings by Steve. 

After Steve’s untimely passing, Kristie Utzler and Elizabeth (Libby), wanted to find a meaningful way to commemorate the essence of Steve’s nature: a charitable and kind person that never forgot his roots. Together, we decided that the best way to honor him, was to raise funds for the charity that meant so much to him.

Here's how you can help

This event will be ongoing through the entire month of June, with the proceeds donated directly to Steven’s Hope Fund.


Our goal is to raise $5,000, which will provide over 1,700 Power Packs (weekend meal packs for school aged children) or 7,000 individual, nutritious meals.

Any donation amount is appreciated; for donations of $40.00 you will receive a paper back copy of the book as a thank you gift and with a donation of $60.00 or more you will receive a hard back copy of the book as a thank you gift.

One book per donation. To receive your thank you gift, please enter your payment information, name, email, and physical address (to receive your gift), at the secure link above. Your personal information will not be sold or used for any other purpose, other than for shipping your gift to you, with our thanks. Thank you gifts will be shipped after June 30, 2021, at the conclusion of the charity event.

Auction of Steve Lyons

Original Artwork


Kristie Utzler,  friend and first Art Director for Steve, was part of the first auction for Steve's Hope Fund 5 years ago. Knowing what this organization contributes to Portsmouth, and how much it meant to Steve and his sister Beth, Kristie will be auctioning off White Sun a 30"x30" painting in Steve's classical impasto style. 


Kristie will be accepting bids from June 01-June 25, 2021.

Opening bid $2000.00.

Painting valued at $6200 at the time of sale in 2015. 


To place a bid or contact with questions, click the button below.