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In Scioto, Pike, and Adams County, Ohio, 1 in 4 children are food insecure. We provide healthy meals to almost 1,500 children in 22 elementary schools to take home every weekend. We also fund 8 in-school food pantries for Jr./Sr. High School students.  We've served over 2 million meals in our 14 years of operating food programs..

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About Steven

The Steven A Hunter Hope Fund was established January 2006 in memory of Steven A Hunter. Steven was loved by all who knew him. Steven’s enthusiasm was contagious and his compassion inspires us all. Steven had a strong conviction to help those in need, rooted in his strong Christian faith.

How You Can Help

& Share

Helping us spread awareness of the growing need for food security in our community is so valuable, we appreciate every like and share on our Facebook page!


Every single dollar helps. We can do what we do because of your generosity. A donation of $30 will purchase food for 10 children for one weekend.


It requires many hands to organize the distribution of goods to the children in need. If you or your organization is interested in volunteering or organizing a fundraiser, please contact us. 

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