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About Power Packs

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Research shows that hungry children are more likely to be absent from school, lack focus and energy, and be vulnerable to illness.

Each Friday during the school year, students enrolled in Steven's Power Pack Club receive packs of food, known as Power Packs, to ensure they have something to eat on weekends.


Each Power Pack contains over a dozen food items, which are shelf-stable and kid-friendly. The items are high in protein, fiber and iron, and include organic and minimally processed items for improved diversity and nutritional value. A few examples of what you might find in a Power Pack include: whole grain cereals, fruit and vegetable juices, sunflower seeds, oatmeal bars, complete pasta meals and other healthy options.


Participating Schools

Steven's Power Pack Club serves almost 1,500 hungry children in 22 area elementary schools throughout 3 counties.


Scioto County

  • Portsmouth Elementary

  • Portsmouth East Elementary

  • New Boston Elementary

  • Northwest Elementary

  • Valley Elementary

  • West Portsmouth Elementary

  • Green Elementary

  • Clay Elementary

  • Bloom-Vernon Elementary

  • Minford Elementary

  • Sciotoville Elementary Academy

  • Wheelersburg Elementary

  • Portsmouth STEM Academy

  • Notre Dame Elementary


Pike County

  • Jasper Elementary

  • Western Elementary

  • Waverly Intermediate Elementary

  • Eastern Elementary


Adams County

  • Manchester Elementary

  • North Adams Elementary

  • West Union Elementary

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