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Endowment Fund

The Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund of the Scioto Foundation is a Tax Exempt, Tax Deductible, Non-Profit fund. The purpose of this fund is to establish a perpetual endowment fund for the benefit of these children. The fund is administered by The Scioto Foundation, which is responsible for accepting contributions, investing and managing the fund.


Scholarship assistance may be available from the endowment fund for a PHS graduating senior attending Shawnee State University.


Income from the fund will be distributed to the Portsmouth Education Foundation specifically to be dispersed for the needs of individual students as identified by teachers and counselors at the school and then upon recommendation of the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund Advisory Committee and to help support the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund, Inc. programs.


Donations for the endowment fund can be sent to:

Steven A Hunter Hope Fund

c/o Scioto Foundation

P. O. Box 911

Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

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