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Power Pantry

Power Pantries are being established in Scioto County Junior High, High Schools, and/or Middle Schools.  Food insecurity doesn't end when children progress to higher grade levels after leaving elementary school.  The method to address this need with older students is to establish school-based pantries.  

School Pantries were designed to provide permanent on-site food assistance at local schools with high food insecurity rates. This newer method of addressing food insecurity for families places pantries on school grounds with the purpose of having accessibility to meal prep items, student-friendly snacks, and health and hygiene items.  Some are open year-round.

Current School Pantries

We currently support school-based pantries in these schools:

Scioto County:

  • Portsmouth Sr/Jr High School

  • Valley Middle School

  • Portsmouth West Middle School

  • Northwest Middle School

  • New Boston High School

  • Sciotoville East Jr/Sr High School

  • Portsmouth STEM Academy

Adams County:

  • Manchester High School

  • North Adams Jr/Sr High School

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